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I'm submitting application right now.

There is no open field in the form and I'd like to add a few words from myself.

I've read that you're thinking about (or maybe already executing) interactive tutorials and this is what made me apply as I have almost no skills in common with the main object of OSE (Sketchup, CAD drafting, as much of these that can be found in architecture and 3d modeling). However I am right now starting up with a project to use game engine Unity for 3d presentations and I think that this might be a good solution for OSE.

Starting with a Sketchup model and an idea of what is to be presented - it gets exported to .obj and into Blender (main textures, UV coordinates etc. persist over this transition). Any additional fine modeling, texturing, rigging for animations, basic animations, etc is done in Blender. Than .blend file is linked to Unity scene. It works very neatly, with editable .blend plugged in to Unity - no need to reexport in after changes. All the interactive transitions are done in Unity. It can also pull any kind of GUI - like descriptions, icons etc. The second best part is that Unity supports multi platform development and finished project can be packaged both as a web player and standalone executable. The best part is that both Blender and basic Unity package are free, so after web player and exe the project yields the source Unity and Blender files that can be uploaded for anyone to upgrade, expand without any exporting or abbreviation.

Regards, Piotr Lugowski

Sample Work - Tractor Animation