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This is some of the initial plantout at Factor e Farm from 2007.


  1. Stark Brother's Nursery of Missouri donated 300 fruit and nut tree, grapes and raspberries 6/07.
  2. Spring 2007 we grafted mature black walnuts on our property. Four "Emma K" improved black walnuts took and grew 6 feet in one year.
  3. Spring 2007 we grafted apple scion wood to Emla 11 root stocks.
  4. Spring 2007 we planted various tree seeds for root stock and other purposes. The most notable achievement was 1.1" thick peach seedlings after one season of growth. Successful seedlings were:
    1. Peach and apricot did well
    2. Siberian pea shrub
    3. Chinese chestnuts
    4. Blight resistant hazelnuts
    5. Grape and raspberry propagation


1 spring stubbles.jpg Apple bud.jpg

Apple Grafts

Apple bud 2.jpg Apple in field.jpg Apple plantout.jpg Apple plantout 2.jpg Apricot.jpg Apricots.jpg Asian pear.jpg Asparagus.jpg Asparagus tub.jpg Bamboo.jpg Blackberries.jpg Cherry.jpg Chestnut series.jpg Chestnut.jpg Forsythia.jpg Grafted apple.jpg


Grape 2.jpg Grape cuttings.jpg Grape plantout.jpg Grape row.jpg Grapes bunch.jpg Grapes.jpg Greenhouse frame panorama.jpg Greening apple.jpg Hay.jpg Kiwi.jpg Marcin pawpaw.jpg Micronursery.jpg Pawpaw kiwi plum.jpg Pea shrub.jpg


Peach rootstocks grew to 1 inch thickness in 1 year: Peach 1 year.jpg Peach rootstock.jpg Peach series 2.jpg Peach series.jpg Peach untake.jpg Plum and asparagus.jpg Prairie plum 2.jpg Prairie plum.jpg Rasp patch.jpg Raspberry bud.jpg Siberian.jpg Small nursery.jpg Small plantout.jpg Sour cherry leafing out.jpg Stevia and chestnut.jpg Stevia.jpg Sucky apple.jpg Tree guard plum.jpg Yama chokes nice.jpg Young panorama.jpg Young peach.jpg