Plasma vs Oxy-fuel Cutting

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  • Plasma cutting makes clean cuts, but may be expensive because of consumables. Requires high tech consumables.
  • Torch can do thicker cuts than plasma - up to 24" compared to 2" or so
  • Plasma requires air and electricity, so it's not as portable as oxyfuel.

Industry Standards

  • According to one review - use torch for anything above 1", plasma for anything below 2" - [1]

OSE Conclusions

  • If minimum complete set requirement is prioritized - or if we were to choose one over another - then oxyfuel is a clear winner and then the plasma cutter does not belong in the GVCS. This is because plasma can't cut thicker materials, and oxyhydrogen cutting can produce cleaner cuts in thin materials. And, waterjet can cut all kinds of materials, especially at the thin range. Thus, with the development of oxyhydrogen cutting and water jet, all the cutting needs are met without requiring plasma cutters.