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Thu Jul 23, 2020

podcast@opensourcecreative.org -Jason


innovationpodcast@gmail.com -Fransisco

July 20, 2020

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for bringing the Open Source Ecology organization to my attention. I'm ashamed to say that it had not yet crossed my radar in the 7+ years that it's been around. I think a conversation with Marcin would certainly be interesting to listeners of the Open Source Creative Podcast. It's right up our alley.

Of course, the primary angle of discussion will need to focus on the creative tools that Open Source Ecology uses and a general "maker mentality." Since it appears your whole pipeline uses open source tools, I think that'll work out swimmingly. Being a Blender guy, I'm especially interested to know more about how FreeCAD is used in the workflow.

He should also probably be prepared to discuss licensing a little bit as that's something that my audience and I care about deeply. I personally like that the OSHWA definition doesn't include non-commercial license clauses, but I can see why some folks may take issue with that, so it would be good to include that in our discussion.

I've recently started recording episodes with video using Jitsi, releasing both video and audio versions of the episode. Based on his TED talk, I'm assuming Marcin is comfortable with video.

As for recording, I do have the day job thing, so recording tends to happen in the evening (Eastern US time zone) or on weekends. When would Marcin be available to record?

I'm excited! Thanks again for contacting me and bringing this project to my attention. I look forward to meeting Marcin and having an engaging discussion with him.

Take care.