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As OSE moves forward, it is important to collaborate with a mastermind of futurist entrepreneurs who are working on ending Artificial Scarcity. While many claim to be eradicating scarcity, we don't know any who use Distributive Enterprise business models working specifically on eradicating artificial scarcity. Such models cannot assume parasitic capital where most of the wealth concentrates in financial investors, as opposed to actual agents. Ie, VCs in the traditional sense are not allowed, and funding innovation must occur. So far, no Distributive Enterprise enterprise cryptocurrencies have been. Related that are not backed by artificial scarcity. OSE promotes material backing of currency, consistent with eradicating artificial scarcity. We believe that a prosperous world that leaves nobody behind cannot be created as long as artificial scarcity is in play, and thus we promote printing of money based only on tangible backing. Service or. Reative work revenue must also be tied closely to tangible assets - more closely than it is today.

With the mission of topgrading potential collaborators, we seek those who can sign on to enterprise models that do not rely on artificial scarcity. This list of potential collaborators can be used to engage in developing actual collaborators. These would typically be individuals who have heard of OSE and published or communicated about its work. These individuals must be open to fair funding and enterprise on a level playing field. This means open source hardware, fair funding, Distributive Enterprise - with abundance of Distributed Market Substitution as the norm.