Powder Bed and Inkjet Head 3D Printing

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  • Also known as binder jetting
  • A process which uses powder in a similar manner to SLS and other Powder Bed Based 3D Printing Processes
  • It then binds the powder together with a spray of some liquid (typically a resin) via one or more Inkjets
  • This is then repeated layer by layer until a full part is made
  • Can be done with any powder. For plastics, no sintering is required due to the part being bound by resin (although it CAN be done). For metal powders, sintering is recommended due to the connections of the resin not being as desirable as metal
  • Can also use multiple colors of resin for colored prints
  • Niche use case, but may be of use

Industry Examples

  • HP Metal Jet a metal sls competitor
  • TPH they make gypsum based color prints

Existing Open Source Work

Oaisis 3DP

  • An introductory video on it
  • This may also be a good dev kit for learning how to make powder bed mechanisms for complex, yet highly necessary devices such as EBM 3d printers for things like turbines which is commonly used for complex rocket engines, turbine blades, and medical implants (EBM is especially necessary for complex metals and alloys (Titanium), and for structures that can ONLY be made via additive manufacturing (Cooling channels in the Rocket Lab Rutherford Engine ) )

Possible OSE Work

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