Power: A New Social Analysis

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This is a work written by the analytical philosopher Bertrand Russelhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power:_A_New_Social_Analysis] and first published in 1938. It is an interesting work because it has many historical examples and does not focus only on economic power.

Some interesting for me quotes which has some relationship with OSE:

"Thus the power of economic organizations to influence political decisions in a democracy is limited by public opinion, which, on many important issues, refuses t to be swayed even by very intensive propaganda" Page 86[1].

"In order to produce this willingness [to die], the rulers have to persuade their subjects that the war is about something important -- so important, in fact, as to be worthy of martyrdom.]" Page 89.

"... every organization will, in the absence of any counteracting force, tend to grow both in size and in density of power." Page 108.

"In democratic countries, the most important private organizations are economic. Unlike secret societies, they are able to exercise their terrorism without illegality, since they do not threaten to kill their enemies, but only to starve them." Page 123.

"It is therefore to be expected that, in so far as the State is distinct from the body of the citizens, every increase in its power will make it more different to their welfare." Page 142.

"The ultimate aim of those who have power (and we all have some) should be to promote social co-operation, not in one group as against another, but in the whole human race." Page 184.

"... 'ownership' is not the same thing as 'control'". Page 194.

"The humble investor can be politely and legally robbed; the only limit is that he must not have such bitter experiences as to lead him to keep his future savings in a stocking." Page 195.
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