PowerCube Gas tank

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Gas tank

  • Screw the 1/4" hose barb into the 1/4 NPT flange welded into the gas tank.
  • Perform a “soap bubble” test on the tank. Securely cover the larger hole (use something like strong tape), pressurize the tank using the smaller hole and cover the tank surface with soapy water. Look closely for new bubbles, mark any leaks and re-weld securely. Repeat soap bubble test if re-welded.
  • Tack and weld the gas tank mount (¼” x 2” x 23” plate) to the frame. Position it so the gas tank is 1" from the nearest vertical angle iron support.
  • Tack and weld the gas tank to the gas tank mount as shown below.

Tack weld and weld after clamping to frame: