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Engine and Hydraulic Pump Installation

Preface: The engine and hydraulic pump shafts are connected by a "shaft coupling". The shafts must be properly aligned to prevent damage to the shaft coupling.

[4] 5/16" x 2" hex bolts
[4] 5/16" nuts
[4] 5/16" nylon lock nuts
[8] 5/15" flat washers

  1. Thread the 4 plain nuts onto the four bolts until about 1/2" from bolt head
  2. Place flat washers on bolts, then insert from bottom into engine mounting holes and loosely secure with flat washers and lock nuts
  3. Hoist engine and lower it on engine plate so shaft goes into its hole and bolts support engine weight EngineMounted.png
  4. Place the engine shaft key into the coupling keyway for the engine shaft. Note that keys are often not square. If the key is loose, rotate it 90 degrees for a tighter fit.
  5. Mate the coupling to the engine shaft with the key in the keyway so the coupling doesn't turn free of the engine shaft. Tighten the allen screws for the engine shaft.
  6. The hydraulic pump should have its own key, secured with a rubber band. Raise the pump, mating its shaft in the coupling and tighten the allen screws on the coupling to secure the pump shaft.
  7. Center the pump in the pump plate