PowerCube Install Hydraulic Components

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Install Hydraulic Components

  • Install hydraulic suction filter in tank and hose barb in suction filter
  • Connect one end of suction hose to strainer hose barb, the other end to the hose barb on pump and secure with hose clamps
  • Connect adapter, nipple and male quick coupler for fluid power output port
  • Screw 3/4" male elbow into one end of oil cooler and female quick coupler to other end of elbow
  • Screw 3/4" NPT to 3/4 JIC elbow into other end of oil cooler and 1' hose to JIC elbow connector
  • Assemble the filter head and Tee connectors as show and screw into hydraulic reservoir
  • Connect opposite end of hose to JIC adapter on filter head input
  • NOTE: The pump will be installed after installing the engine