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  • Welder - OSE uses Millermatic 200 series welders, I use a Hobart IronMan
  • Angle Grinders - A 4" grinder is good for small grinds and tight spots and a 7" grinder is good for grinding larger areas
  • Hand Tools
    • Vise Grip pliers - handy for clamping and manipulating steel (very handy with hot steel)
    • Crescent wrench - Useful for handling hot steel and tightening bolts
    • Socket set - Faster tightening of bolts
    • Hammer - Very useful in many instances
    • Barrel Crimper (for engine connector)
    • Spade crimper (for other connectors)
  • Metal Cutting Tools
    • Bandsaw - must be metal cutting band saw with ability to cut 45 degree angles
    • Cutting Torch - makes rough cuts
  • Paint Tools
    • Paint Brush

- or -

    • Gravity Fed Paint Sprayer
    • Air compressor - If using pneumatic tools