Power Cube 7 Workshop Organization

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The Power Cube 7 workshops are intensive in requirements for safety, facility and equipment. Most workshops have been hosted at Factor e Farm, and the workshop requirements have not been documented in detail, as Factor e Farm is already suitably equipped. Now that workshops are being held at remote locations, more coordination is necessary.

Site Requirements

The document below lists the requirements for coordinating a workshop at a remote site. It is intended to be sent to the remote facilitators in preparation for hosting a Workshop. It is editable to allow updates.

PC7 Workshop Requirements

Workshop Schedule

The Workshop schedule is also important for coordinating the workshop flow.

The schedule below is subject to change, as workshops are given and timelines are better realized.

Day Title Description
1 Facility Review & Preparation Review facility, tools, materials and parts - secure anything missing. Organize tools and scrap materials for "Crash Courses". Group parts and materials by module.
2 Lecture, Crash Courses, assign modules, begin building The lecture will introduce OSE, discuss the Power Cube and its modules, the "Build Progress Meter", then discuss the Crash Courses.
3 Lecture, continue build Review the build progress, update Progress Meter, discuss
4 Workshop Review the build progress (Did we finish?), update Progress Meter, discuss
5 Power Cube Testing & Certification Connect Power Cube to load and test for performance and certify if acceptable.

Power Cube BOM

The Power Cube Bill Of Materials (BOM) lists the materials and parts required for a Power Cube - also required for the workshop:


PC7 Workshop Presentation

Presentation to be shown and discussed during the workshop.