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Tom Griffing's Log: Thursday, July 8, 2013

Drove up to Missouri and to Factor E Farm for the Power Cube / LifeTrac build for Blair Grocery in New Orleans. Spent time designing the new Power Cube with the Kubota diesel engine. Drove to secure the engine, radiator and other parts necessary for the build. Used Sketchup to update the design according to the newly secured Kubota engine. Cut steel for the new 36" frame and began gathering other necessary parts - such as the fan and oil cooler.

James Slade arrived and received instructions to assist with Power Cube development. The crew from Blair Grocery arrived and were oriented for assisting in the build of the LifeTrac. The LifeTrac and Power Cube development proceeded at the same time.

I headed back to Dallas and a few days later, the LifeTrac was functioning and was loaded onto the trailer for transport to New Orleans with the 27 hp Power Cube and the unfinished Kubota Power Cube. The transport stopped at my farm in East Texas, where the Kubota Power Cube was completed, loaded in the LifeTrac, tested and then loaded for shipping to New Orleans - where it was tested successfully.

PowerCube Kubota.png

Latest Kubota Power Cube Design: File:PowerCube Kubota.skp

While we did finish the diesel Power Cube, I did not have the time to document the final design. The resulting Power Cube weighed around 1/2 ton and it was quite large, though it did fit in the LifeTrac for Blair Grocery. I spoke to one member of Blair Grocery around Sept 2014 and was told that it is still operational.