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Thu Oct 19, 2017

What do you suggest for the 16hp pump mounts? We are making 6 Power Cubes - but they are way simpler than last time - no fuel tank, no solenoid, no battery. We make 2 or 3 with large coolers as Mother Cubes, and the remaining cubes are just engine + pump, sucking from Mother Cubes. I think 2 Mother Cubes, each with 3 outlets - one Mother Cube runs 3-4 smaller cubes.

We have a pump mount from last year, but it is rather long. And didn't we need to drill it out anyway because the bolt pattern was wrong?

I'd prefer trimming the engine shaft down and making our own pump mounts. While that is somewhat complicated, it does save precious space. One thing we can do is run the engine (it's recoil start) and take a grinder to it for a nice cut

Did you leave the coupler maker here with me, or did you take that home with you?

Check out our PC - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qFTCY8NBRKJCVjVTwvB_5yZROeEpCg_LLxgLip-GoRI/edit#slide=id.g244eeabb5b_0_403

Hydraulic cooler calcs say - for 64 hp - we need 25% heat rejection - need 16 hp heat rejection - or 40,000 to 50,000 BTU/hr from your page. Hayden 1284 or 1290 could do it. 32 to 36 GPM. So we need 1292 to get up to 48 GPM - so 4 12GPM pumps would be the way to go. 12 GPM at 16 hp means we can achieve 2300 PSI, which is acceptable:


We can get 2300 PSI with 12 GPM

So that the travel speed on the microtrac is 4 mph in parallel drive and 8 mph on series drive.