Power Cube Troubleshooting Instructions

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  1. Air
  2. Electricity
  3. Fuel

  1. Check that you have fuel.
  2. Check the oil level is full - auto low oil shutoff will prevent start of engine.
  3. Check air filter if it's clogged - optional.
  4. Eliminate hydraulics from the equations. Easiest way is a single short hose (long hose in winter with cold and viscous fluid will put on a lot of resistance) connected from inlet to outlet of Power Cube.
  5. Has switch been turned all way to the left to the full off position of engine? If not, battery will have drained over time.
  6. Get a voltmeter to test battery. Is it 12.6?
  7. If battery is below 12.6, you need to charge.
  8. Check if solenoid is working. If there is an audible single click, then solenoid is working. If there is a continuous set of clicks, that means battery is low voltage or there is a loose connection.
  9. Check connections. Touch the battery terminals one at a time, and the lugs should not be able to be moved.
  10. Any loose connection will make failure. So check next the battery connection to solenoid. Then check the 2 bolts tightened connection between solenoid and starter.
  11. Check ground. That means the negative of battery is solidly connected to the frame.
  12. If you now turn the ignition key on, you should click the solenoid and turn over the engine with the starter motor. If nothing happens, then your switch is not working properly.
  13. Make sure the small wire to the solenoid from the switch - is connected tightly - at back of switch and at solenoid.
  14. If nothing happens, check that the switch itself is not the problem, by eliminating the switch from the equation. To do this - take a small lead wire, connect to + of battery, and touch to the signal wire of the solenoid. If nothing happens, then the issue is a bad solenoid, which must be fixed or replaced.
  15. Next eliminate the starter motor - take a heavy gauge cable - and connect directly from + of battery - so clamp with vice grips onto + of battery - and connect to the + of starter. If it doesn't turn, the starter is bad. Need to fix starter.
  16. Next is fuel. Disconnect fuel hose from fuel small fuel pump - see if gas leaks out. If it doesn't, no fuel is available, won't start. Check the transparent fuel filter to make sure there is presence of fuel.
  17. check spark plugs - take out spark cable and hold 3 mm from the sparkplug tip - and see if you see sparks upon turning the engine.