Power Cube VIISL

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Here is the Sketchup with the horizontal tanks, but the tube geometry is not correct yet:


28 hp Briggs & Stratton Engine

Here is a link to the vendor website where I buy the engines. It claims to have "line drawings", but it does not for this engine:


Here are the B&S manuals for the engine:


I sent some contact requests to B&S for line drawings . . . we'll see.

Tom Engine Source:

49M777-5460 Briggs & Stratton 28 HP Professional Series w/1” Shaft SmallEngineSuppliers.com $709.95 $709.95 MUF0626R Briggs Stratton Muffler for 44 and 49 Series SmallEngineSuppliers.com $72.95 $72.95 TE0209 Briggs Stratton Muffler Extension for 44 and 49 Series SmallEngineSuppliers.com $8.95 $8.95