Power Electronics Design Curriculum

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  • Build a modular generator, motorm, transformer of any size and frequency, stackable. Applied to wind, electric power, motors, generators.
  • Electronic drive for motors
  • High frequency and low frequency 3D printed motors
  • Stackable Transformers of any size. Solid state and wound. Modules from 1W to 100kW.
  • 3D printed terminal blocks, motors, and multimachined aluminum
  • Power conditioning and algorithms for variable sources such as windmills or other generators.
  • Power conditioning from steady-state sources
  • Building Nickel-Iron batteries
  • Building hydrogen electrolyzers, aluminum extractors, ozone generators, radars, antennas, plasma chemistry drives.
  • High frequency power systems and inverters for welders, plasma cutters
  • Wire drawing and sheathing from aluminum, copper, and steel.