Power Supply Basics

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  • Half wave rectifier, full wave rectifier, and full wave bridge rectifiers - [1]
  • Power Supply Cookbook PDF - [2]
  • Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics, Ch. 9 - [3]

Art of Electronics Notes


Switch mode supply requires:

  • Ch 9 p 630 - Switch and fuse needed at AC side
  • Also, a filter at AC side filters possible RF from power line, using a line voltage capacitor
  • Transient suppressor - a variable resistor - metal oxide varistor - shorts to ground for any high voltage spikes. It's like a high voltage, bidirectional zener diode.
  • Insulate line-voltage connections to prevent shock hazard
  • Storage capacitor - prevents ripple -

More Notes:

  • The term “switching converter” usually means a power converter that uses inductors (and sometimes transformers), along with high-frequency transistor switches, to carry out voltage conversion.
  • www.creepage.com - distance between components