Powercube Array Central Air Intake Module

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- Is a series of car air intakes connected to a PVC Pipe which goes to all the powercubes in a powercube array

- Allows for easy hot swappable changing of air intake filters

- An advanced version could use two or more (for redundancy + not needing to shut down the array for maitnance) Open Source Vacuum Cleaner to prevent the need for air filters.

Used For

- Advanced Powercube Construction Set

Industry Designs


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Cheap + Easy To Make

- Same Size as a Standard Powercube

- Works Fully with the Advanced Powercube Construction Set

Basic Design


- Same Frame As the Powercube

Quick Connections In

- Data In

- DC Power In

- Air in via numerous "Filter Attachment Ports"

Quick Disconnects Out

- Filtered Air Out

- Data Out



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