Powercube Connection Module

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- The part of a Powercube Array that the powercube slides into

- Has quick disconect: air intake, fuel in, electricity in, data out, and data in

- Has quick disconnect hydraulic in and out

- All connections are in standardized positions

Used For

- the [[Advanced Powercube Construction Set]

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Cheap

- Standardized

- Scaleable

- Durable (lets shoot for 100 insert+removal cycles before any failures)

Basic Design


- A Chunk of Sheet Metal With Holes Drilled in It for The Quick Disconnect Ports

Quick Disconnect Inerting Ports

- Insert in to the powercube from the array

- 1x Hydraulic Fluid In

- 1x Fuel In

- 1x Oil In

- 1x Air in

- 1x DC Electricity In

- 1x AC Electricity In

- 1x Data In

Quick Disconnect Inserting Ports

- Insert into the array from the powercube

- 1x Hydraulic Fluid Out

- 1x Oil Out

- 1x Exhaust Out

- 1x DC Electricity Out

- 1x AC Electricity Out

- ix Data Out

Locking Mechanism

- Pins possibly? (the powercube could have holes and this could insert pins into it using a mechanism



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