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Powerlolu appears to be a modular, higher power replacement (2.5-5A) for the smaller Pololu. We want to use the RAMPS (Powerlolu) for our CNC Torch Table.


Schematic at Upverter - http://upverter.com/alexh/ed1b6905257872ed/Powerlolu/



Based on STOMP GPL3 - http://li79-15.members.linode.com/projects





Great to hear from you. You can see more about our work at this TED talk. Our immediate need is 2.5A and up for serious stepper motors for CNC Torch Table Prototype II (prototype I was shown in the TED talk)


I would like this to be 1-off producible via CNC circuit mill, such as the open source Shapeoko (I'd like to know if you know of any better off-shelf open source variants of a CNC circuit mill? Jeff?). That is our preferred route for rapid prototyping, until the point where we stabilize a design. In any case, our goal is to make something designed for an off-shelf CNC circuit mill to enable full control of the technology by the user.

Interestingly, I looked up the driver chip and found this immediately - i appears to be open source -


With fully-assembled board available:


and #kliment from #reprap IRC pulling code from the Powerlolu github repository - so he appears to be involved.

Can you help us design a prototype driver equivalent of the above that we can mill with a CNC circuit mill? It appears that the component cost would be about $20 per channel in single units?

June 2013

The Sanguinololu board is the controller, and the controller is the brain. The power handling stage is called the Stepper Driver - which needs to be 2.5 amps or more. This board here is compatible with Pololu and Powerlolu.

http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Powerlolu - up to 10 A. good.

http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Pololu - up to 2.2 A (too small)

So the questions to the IRC channel are:

1. Who has experience with Powerlolu? 2. Can we buy it reliably and just use with existing RAMPS (RepRap electronics)? 3. What tricks are required to make it work? Does it give us say 2.5A-3A reliably?

If someone has that experience, take down names, and then we can invite them for a DPV if they can make it.

June 10, 2013

Powerlolu Inquiry on IRC

June 12, 2013

Hi Marcin, you can buy the powerlolu from germanreprap.com. Don't think they have a dealer in the US right now. The should have it in stock. regards, Alfred - abauer