Practical Publicity Stunts

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  • This is a strategy that uses publicity stunts to increase OSE awareness
  • This still produces (at least slightly) functional and useful devices and/or systems

Possible Routes


  • Work with "Punished Props" and/or "Tested" and other youtube channels to make Open Source Special Effects and Props (+equipment to manufacturing them)


  • Biofuel Series with "NileRed"
  • Continuation/Intensification of Bioplastic Series that "NileRed" Had
  • HTL + BioCrude Refining Series with Cody's Lab and/or "NileRed"

Gas Turbines

  • A collaboration with CollinFurze making an open source turboshaft generator (inneficient, but publicity, and some use cases)

Current Endevours

Internal Lunks

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