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Factor e Farm/Open Source Ecology

  • Initial Application for Dedicated Project Visits
  • (206) 202-3387 (voice), Skype: marcin_ose
  • email: opensourceecology at gmail dot com
  • web:

Please fill in the following:

  1. Name, Age, M/F
  2. Address
  3. Local phone, Skype, Email
  4. Best time to be reached
  5. Your picture (attach or embed)
  6. How did you hear about the program?
  7. When would you like to come for a dedicated project visit?
  8. Why are you interested in our work?
  9. Describe practical skills you may have - from agriculture, workshop, industry, organizing, hands-on, CAD, manufacturing, computer skills, etc.
  10. Please list schools you have attended, degrees and/or major areas of study or training.
  11. Please attach a resume or provide a list of work experience, both paid and volunteer.
  12. What do you perceive will be your reaction to living and learning with new and unknown people in a rural area?
  13. Can you pay for your own food?
  14. Do you smoke?
  15. Do you have any dietary restrictions?
  16. Will you eat meat raised at our farm?
  17. Do you have transportation?
  18. Do you have resources to support yourself while volunteering with us?
  19. Do you have any relevant medical conditions or physical limitations that will affect your ability to do physical work, or any emotional or psychological issues that will affect your ability to do work in general? If yes, please explain:
  20. Other considerations:
  21. Special Interests:
  22. Do you have strong ideological views (political, religious, feminist, etc.)?
  23. Please share three interesting things about yourself.
  24. Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.
  25. Are you considering other communities, and if so, which ones?
  26. Our accommodations are still rough and inadequate for most poeple. Will that be an issue for you, or can you help us work on addressing this?


  1. Work reference, email, phone
  2. Second work reference email phone
  3. Personal reference, email, phone

Return your completed application and any attachments:

  1. Either by emailing answers and any attachments to opensourceecology at gmail dot com
  2. Or by starting a new wiki page, titled with your name. Copy the above fields, and write the responses. Please see the Instructions for editing this wiki, and email us to let us know that you submitted the application.

Email at the above address or call Marcin at marcin_ose on Skype with any questions. Thank you.