Prepping for 1st Kit Building

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Alex to drive to Sara's to get supplies for kit, then build it on Friday in Oakland.

Plan the pickup:

  • inventory tools
  • inventory parts
  • sara picks up missing items at harbor freight
  • alex rents car with car rental app turo
  • alex drives 1.5 hours each way
  • Aim to do work on stuff at Sara's, including some kit prep, from 8-10:30
  • Leave at 6:30am

Plan the 4x8 table:

  • pickup uHaul at 10:30am on Thurs
  • get 4x8 thing, extension cords, power outlet
  • go to home depot on thurs w/ a uHaul around noon
  • go home, move all stuff into van
  • move to new place
  • inspect to finalize plan about work table placement