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A 3D printing cluster can be a lucrative, automated enterprise opportunity as part of a Guaranteed Basic Income. The printing service is:

  1. Fully automated
  2. Web interface allows for print ordering, from a selection of proven offerings.
  3. People don't print their own designs - but they can rent print time by the hour from our cluster.
  4. Cluster operates on our own 3D printing filament (recycled, and 100% PV powered). Marketed as the world's first eco-3D-Printing service - which cleans up the environment by recycling plastic, and uses 100% solar energy.
  5. Harvesting robot harvests prints automatically
  6. Packaging robots packages things automatically.
  7. Carefully curated 3D print offering provides high quality parts.
  8. Web interface: payment via recognized service, part selection, etc. Global list of hubs.

Robotic Harvesting


  • Concept 1: OSE printer is modified so that the gantry is a bump-head to knock part off the platform automatically. Part drops into a container, ready for shipping. A grid of 12x12 3d printers with shipping baskets underneath. Shipping baskets move automatically, and a printed label is added. For easy removal of parts, partially-glued PEI system allows for extremely easy part removal. Parts can be redesigned for easy removal, with a wedge-creator or other part that allows for easy bump-off. In the brute force scenario - platforms are used to minimize bed contact area. Absolutely requires stationary beds.
  • Concept 2: OSE printer bump-head drops the part off the build platform, part falls by gravity. Object recognition robot picks up parts. Parts are designed for robotic handling. Robot puts objects in the correct boxes. Robot knows which products go where.

Robotic Packaging

  • prints are placed inside universal size baskets, and closed off.
  • Label is placed automatically on the package.
  • Boxes are lined up, ready to be taken to the post office
  • Mailman picks up packages daily - so no trip to the post office needs to be taken.

Construction Set Approach

  • Packaging and labeling is part of a universal system relevant to any product - such as machined parts, electronics, etc.


What are other common 3D printing services, and what features do they have? Which features are desirable for OSE to meet OSE Specifications?

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