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  1. Types of problems for systems transformation and evolution of life - systems problems - solution lies in elimination and update/replacement and relies only on will to do so; complicated/moonshit - things that are hard, such as fusion; complex - things that have many interrelated parts, but none of which are particularly difficult and integration/boundary-crossing is the solution; elephant in the room problems - ones that people don't see, such as lack of collaboration; tech problems - simply developing or optimizing a technology. Simple transformational - overlaps with complex - and it is just about changing something, no tech difficulty, just paradigm shift - ex. Lifetime design, CEB housing
  2. Future is not evenly distributed - there are solutions way ahead of the game, but most people are not aware of these, largely due to lack of interdisciplinary perspective
  3. Outcome is Art of Possibility - things that are exceptional today are commonplace in 5-10 years