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There are many areas of process Management in the OSE development process. The development team can help perform these tasks and therefore make Process Management a scalable process in itself. Key is clarity on organizational functioning.

These are broken into the following areas.


  • Conducts Interviews
  • Sends welcome emails
  • Participates in team meetings to understand the subject matter
  • Awards Stars
  • Tracks participant dev time by person - this needs to be automated


  • Train leaders as needed - have a regular process Management training meeting
  • Technical community manager


  • Reporting shouldn't be a focus as everyone can see each other's work.
  • However, it is useful to task someone with assimilating that info - and giving that person a 5 minutes window during the team meeting.
  • This fosters leadership

Proposed regular task:

  1. Review all logs and summarize
  2. check in with people for clarification on how that fits with the critical path
  3. Update hours graph

Development Spreadsheet

  • Seed a Dev Spreadsheet for every project
  • Adapt it to the project at hand. For wxample, hydraulics diagrams for a house mean "plumbing diagrams".
  • Understand when it's appropriate to set up a new development spreadsheet and to do so as needed
  • Maintain a burndown graph for each project. This does tricky as there are 50 major burn down diagrams and one overall burned down diagram and other ones depending on the phase such as design versus Enterprise development.