Process used march11 2013 to model an object for concept sketch in scad

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Eric Potash and Anthony Douglas head to measure the rotor dimensions (including the tine modules) on the existing, current soil pulverizer. I measure with the calipers as Eric requests what will be needed and records dimensions. Calipers are more suitable than a tape measure.

Because this is a concept sketch, meant mainly to aid the design and rapid prototyping rather than a detailed design file, we focus first on the most important dimensions. Dimensions are rounded in some cases to convenient fractions of an inch. The documentation process is terminated so we can spend time on other things at a suitable point; when we have enough data to keep Eric busy all morning on sketchup anyway.

Eric proceeds to draw the parts in SCAD, and we overcome some minor technical hurdles to get them on the wiki, linked to from his log for now.