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Building on Ethereum and Mattereum, let's talk about Produceum. Read marcin_ose comments above.

The Proof of Stake is transparent documentation of productive capacity, the Productive Asset Passport (PAP). The PAP includes transparent documentation of machine infrastructure, plant, personnel, operations. This serves as a distributed Proof of Stake, with 'mining' being effortless. Existence of a Productive Asset Passport - is the mined gold! An ammount of Produceum (accounting unit of productive wealth) is coined automatically based on the PAP, according to standards and best practices. Are these standards and best practices definable? Yes, that would be the hard work, including contracts enforceable in many jurisdictions if global exchange is one part of this system.

Thus, each agent in the Produceum ecosystem has assigned value. And they can even party at the beach becuase the included open source microfactory allows for day-scale on-demand production - ie, almost realtime substantiation of value with real assets.

Everything else is secondary. Get Produceum right, and we have immediately solved for Self-Determination via mutually-assured material abundance. Then creative work, cultural, scientific progress can follow.