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These include:

  1. Product Brochure
  2. Photos
  3. Infographics
  4. Seed Eco-Home Graphics and Seed Eco-Home Icons - for different headings and sections so we have a unified look both in the Coffee Table Book and the Enterprise Manual.
    1. Moreover, icons are used in book sections, in diagrams, ifographics, wiki embeds as visual headings in work docs. They are typically borderless. They may be colored for emphasis. They follow the Open Source Technology Pattern Language concept.
    2. This also includes architecture symbols for build details.
    3. Icons are in inkscape, typically.
    4. Videos - these are done in detail for every single module.
  5. Exploded part diagram infographics
  6. Functional infographics
  7. Animations
  8. Instructional Videos
  9. Promotional Videos
  10. Marketing copy

How Do They Fit Together?

Coffee Table Book template show a generic structure of all the pages, so they can be filled with content. The template takes care of the presentation level, so that the content ends up attractive. The icons, infographics, color scheme can be defined. Instructional videos could be inserted as QR codes.

Here is a working doc of a possible Template. A graphics artist shoudl clean it all up at the end, but leave it in an editable format such as Inkscape. The google slides would have links to the templates in Inkscape for collaborative editing. Reference to Icons is found throughout.