Product Realization Course Assessment

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Thanks, Ilya.

The course appears to give us 4 hours of hands-on per week for 6 weeks. You mentioned 3 students on the team - so a total of 72 hands-on-deck hours total. That is rather short as far as time goes, but may be quite productive for OSE depending on other constraints:

  1. The cost, if $2500 - how much of it goes to materials, and how much to overhead/other?
  2. Does the client keep the prototype produced?
  3. For the Faculty and Staff - do you have a list of who will be available? How much consulting time are they offering?
  4. Do you have the curriculum materials for your Course available as open course ware? What content license is it under?
  5. Do you have a list of the facilities/equipment that will be available to students? Are there hourly fees associated with any of the production/prototyping equipment?

I can make an informed decision on the best project