Productive Transparency

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This is the substance of future monetary exchange systems, where the currency of tomorrow is transparent value generation which can be recorded transparently by using tools such as transparent ledgers (blockchain).


  • Transparent documentation of capital (9 Forms of Capital and execution mechanisms for converting open source product designs into tradeable products. An example would be the transparent documentation of an open source microfactory, the blueprints that it uses, and examples of products, including time-lapse documentation of the productive process. Available labor likewise has to be documented whether people are or robots. The capital base must be documented such as raw resources and mechanisms for producing them from abundant feed stocks.


For the exchange platform, the simplest implementation would be a blockchain ledger, access them a simple website with the requisite documentation. The creating entity would for example set a safe percentage of its generated value into the form of currency. For example it could 'print' $1000 of currency based on products valued $10,000. The printing would consist of automatic credit, based on validation of production documentation. Such documentation can be automated, or the Bank staff would be a person l, skilled in production, who validates value this person is audited by an auditing body - passing an ethics and True Genius exam.

See Candidate Examination. Thus, a.staff of 1 could run maybe 100 or so banks, and then this process could be automated. A running ledger of production should be visible at all times, which would simply be pictures.of specific production steps. Q&A and other documentation, customer reviews, etc, would form the rest.of the documentation. Product feedback would be important. Gameability would be reduced by algorithms of moderation. The Bank Auditor would be a key individual, managing the open source bank software.