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Software that help us be more productive.

Autokey (Ubuntu) or Autohotkey (Win)

What: quick typing - you write a short text which automatically expands to a defined text.

Install the AutoHotkey_L version to support Unicode.

Ubuntu 12.04:

  • Show the configuration: press Win+K
  • Create a phrase:
    • To trigger immediately, in "Set Abbreviation" check "Trigger immediately"
    • To enable everywhere, set "Window Filter" to ".*"


  • Create text shortcuts:
    • You type "myem" and it is automatically replaced by ""
    • How to do it? "Edit this script" and add ":*"
  • Use it for repeatable words, expressions you are using very often.
  • Speed up auto-completion by adding "SetKeyDelay, 0" (


  • Start any program or file with few keystrokes.