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As OSE grows as an organization, we need better tools to effectively organize and collaborate with people.

While there are many many many many platforms available, each one comes with a complex set of pros/cons (and many a coder will swear by their favorite tool of choice). The key limitation of a comprehensive platform is that you have to have full buy-in from every team-member. Otherwise it is useless.

Considering the extreme logistical overhead of migrating between platforms, we need to have a better map of what tools/features are availible, and we must experiment with what features are critical to our operations, and which ones are ancillary

Eventually OSE will build its own Project Management Tool.

Before this can happen, we need to explore the solution space as a part of the OSE Tool Selection Process Once we've identified a core set of features, we'll put together a proposal to build an OSE Platform, and throw many resources at making it happen. Until then, we need to research study as platforms as possible and experiment.


OSE Com represents our daily playground for experimentation and rapid prototyping through ideas. Come join us!


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