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A project is experimental development prior to product release. A given development project classifies as a project, as opposed to product, when it is in the first 5 steps outlined in the Stages of Development. Starting at step 6, the product aims for the status of a Distributive Enterprise, with Distributed Market Substitution as the final result. OSE considers Distributed Market Substitution as the likely end state in the evolution of any economic good or service.

From 2004 to 2016, OSE was focused largely on its development as a project, with many prototypes and proofs of concept. In 2016, OSE shifted towards development of products. As of 2019, OSE is focusing largely on product releases as a means to scalable bootstrap funding. 2019 marks OSE's transition from 4 Mbit internet service to a maximum capacity of 4 Gbit, putting itself fully into the digital age and plans of expansion - both in online and on-site programs.