Propagation Calendar and Available Stock at Factor e Farm

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This page describes the living stock available at Factor e Farm.


  • Raspberries - we have a few hundred raspberry plants, which can be propagated into thousands more via root cuttings.
    • Status - abundant
    • Timing - root cuttings may be taken and planted as soon as the ground becomes workable

In Development

  • We planted a number of peaches, plums, apricots, and plums as rootstocks. We have about 100 of these
    • Status - limited
    • We are growing out myrobalan plum for seed stock
    • We are growing out prunus persica peach stock for seed
  • Grapes - Several types available, all being grown out.
    • Need to get quality cuttings from many sources
  • Chickens - if we engage in ongoing incubation, the numbers can rise to self-sustaining levels.
  • Worms - abundant in several tubs
  • Bees - organic cultivation bee hives - need to install a number of swarm catchers

Development Strategies

  • We have about 10 apple rootstocks that we are growing out for cuttings. These are to be rooted at a later date.
    • We should acquire additional suckers or plants for
  • Hazelnut - we should acquire a large number of stock from propagated suckers from quality plants
  • Oikos Tree Crops has a significant number of wild-type apricots and plums that we should plant out for rootstock seed.


We need a dedicated person to document all our stock, to make GIS maps thereof, and to solicit further stock from various sources.

We need major contour swaling/manuring/seeding clover to create better habitat for plants