Proposal 2008 A General Deployment Strategy

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General Deployment Strategy

  1.  Define a technology set
        1. ‘Top 10’ economic transformation items for the world
              1. Sufficiently comprehensive to create a package, 18 items total in practice 
        2. Determine ecology (interrelations) of technology set
        3. Include flex fab as an important metacategory
        4. Status: technologes pretty much identified; some implementations unevaluated 
  2. Deploy neosubsistence operation to minimize overhead
        1. Organic farm volunteers for facility management, and food, energy, housing provision
        2. Small enterprise is a byproduct- helps in economic self-sufficiency
        3. Status: neosubsistence operations well under way: 100% housing, energy, workshop sufficiency; 50% food sufficiency 
  3. Rate the technology set
        1. OSE Specification is baseline
        2. Create prioritization metric
        3. Prove degeneracy of set
        4. Status: work in progress 
  4. Determine cost of acquiring technologies from various sources
  5. Propose Budget vs. Time timeline
        1. Status: conceptualized 
  6. Hire full time resource developer
        1. Grants
        2. Fundrasing from Street Performer Protocol and
        3. Utilize charitable and in-kind contributions
        4. Status: in negotiation 
  7. Acquire donations by those who have experience with technologies
        1. Utilize in-kind charitable contributions
        2. Factor E Farm donates its results (CEB, etc.)
        3. Status: beginning charitable contribution route 
  8. Buy out technologies from those who won’t donate
        1. Set up Foundation funding mechanism
        2. Status: needs cash 
  9. Determine cost reduction potential:
        1. Cost of IP
        2. Overhead
        3. Transportation
        4. Labor
        5. Middlemen
        6. Taxes
        7. Status: requires documentation for each technology 
 10. Motivate contributors
        1. Visionary PR
              1. Lifestyle
              2. BOAB
              3. Peaceniks
              4. Environmentalists 
        2. Global Warming PR
        3. Engineer PR
        4. Lost college students PR
        5. Status: PR to be written 
 11. Continue publicity, education, and volunteer efforts
        1. Blog is main publicity
        2. Openfarmtech is main technical development
        3. Open Source Ecology University
              1. Full immersion theoretical and hands-on training 
        4. Youtube documentation
        5. Organic volunteers and volunteer workers
        6. Invite point individuals
        7. Smari’s Open Engineering E-Zine
        8. Status: ongoing; needs 
 12. Deploy voluntary fundraising efforts
        1. Street Performer
        2. Grantwriting
        4. Stakeholders
        5. Charitable contributions
        6. Personal
        7. Status: ezc, ezg ongoing 
 13. Contract additional resource developers when funds allow
 14. Commercialize and Decommercialize
        1. Coin decommercialization metric that acknowledges:
              1. Contral bank funny money and interest via low cost and bootstrapping apprenticeship
              2. Colonialism via localization of supply chain
              3. IP via open source
              4. War = commerce via Evolve to Freedom 
        2. Publish an open enterprise and fabrication model
        3. Develop flexible fabrication capacity in a self-replicating fashion
        4. Status: CEB will be first commercialization attempt 
 15. Education develeopment
        1. Outline of curriculum
        2. Background reading
        3. Student housing development for immersion program
        4. Hands-on workshops
        5. Standards and certification development
        6. Status: a-c in progress 
 16. Replication and self-replication
        1. Status: the holy grail