Proposal 2008 Facility Building Plan

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The present facility, not drawn to scale, is:

Figure 11. Diagram of existing facility.

We are planning to add a kitchen and living quarters, plus a pantry, root cellar, and walk-in cooler, as well as bathroom, shower, library/computer room, multipurpose room, sauna, workshop, and biodiesel facility. We will build an internet hut for housing our present internet equipment, and equipment storage facilities for heavy equipment such as tractors and implements. We are also moving 3 silos from the next door neighbor for storage.

Kitchen space proper will include washing space, cooking space, preparation table, masonry oven, and dining space. Most of the additions are planned to occur behind the greenhouse. Figure 12 shows a diagram of proposed housing additions for this year, where the existing greenhouse is the front of the structure. Figure 13 shows the proposed workshop and storage facilities.

Figure 12. Proposed living space additions for 2008.

Figure 13. Proposed workshop and storage for 2008.

These plans are only in their conception, and we will be refining them until the weather becomes suitable for building in April.