Proposal 2008 The Challenge For You

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This writing has outlined the first step in our course of action for transforming the world's economic system via localization. A robust technological solution set was presented and motivated. We ask you to pursue the questions proposed in the Appendix. This is a serious task. We believe firmly that the program of attaining decentralization via open source economic development is not only feasible, but likely to succeed because of its potential to produce material abundance. People are tired of business as usual and compromises inherent to centralized systems of global geopolitics, and here is an alternative path - free of compromise. We challenge you to take this on, in terms of opensourcing critical technologies, and helping us build a world-class research and development facility for taking this task to a higher level. We are talking about developing an economy that truly serves human needs. This is both idealistic and realistic, in that the tools to do so are here in the computer age. In any case, this task is of immediate and imminent importance in today's world.