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The development process for GVCS technologies consists of 28 steps outlined in the GVCS Development Template. Step 8 includes a Proposal Brief -

  • Problem statement
  • Solution and design rationale
  • Conceptual diagram
  • Budget
  • Clear list of deliverables
  • Timeline

After the Proposal Brief is presented by the developer, it is reviewed by a Proposal Review Team based on OSE Specifications.

Key points of the review are assessment of the following properties for the solution proposed:

  • Interoperability and modularity within the context of the rest of the GVCS
  • Scalability of the solution: in performance based on size or number; in scalability of production of the solution
  • Lifetime design
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Ability to source widely-accessible or local materials
  • Design for manual assembly
  • Replicability of the solution
  • Economic significance based on industry standards
  • Distributive economic potential
  • Ecological features of the solution
  • Contribution to a modern standard of living

A Developer Contract is then signed. The Problem Statement defines the basic need and Solution defines how the need is met. Adherence to OSE Specifications is key.