Prototyping Standards

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As of 2012, OSE migrated to this method of prototyping - essentially to allow 1 month of preparation and 1-2 day builds:

  • Extensive preparation - CAD and fab drawings
  • Usage of Fabrication Diagram Method
  • Migration towards CNC torch table cutouts as in Digital Master Index
  • Collaborative Production Runs - parallel builds with many people
  • Scale Modeling of devices prior to builds - test-driven development
  • Fabricator Training via assembly of scale models by Collaborative Production Run participants
  • 2 Hour Training Session for participants on shop procedure, safety, and tool use

Torch CAM Detail

  • Label libraries and dimensions in LibreCAD, not in google docs - to make it easier to make updates to drawings. Use Google Docs for publishing only for additional notes and comments.


To accomplish the above, these Design roles can be taken on in parallel: