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A global map of what type of mindset, character, and personality a person has. Defined to provide opportunity points of approaching different cultures on their most important development issues. Map delineates both desirable and undesirable traits. Patterns of macrosicial good and evil can be mapped out tonexpose.threats or opportunities for cultural and psychosocial advancement of civilization. Prejudices, dogmas, mental models, dispositions, cultural inheritance, can be mapped, and so can local pockets and microzones. Definitely would be a worthwhile study - such as historically developed mental patterns or culturally held beliefs - good or bad. This is just a guide and should be an indicator of patterns only, it may be entirely or in part incorrect, etc - as it is authored by Marcin. It is for educational purposes only - drawing on historical trends, patterns, indoctrinations (such as prevalent thinkers), etc.

  • Germany comes to mind as the homeland of negative psychology: Freud. See Neuroplastic Sublimation for more assessment. Hence the possibility of various misguided German policies prior to the Ukraine War of 2022, and its typical partypooping on the Ukraine War.
  • USA - home of positive psychology, and typically unbridled optimism. The 5 fathers of positive psychology were all Americans or Hungarian-Americans. [1]
  • Russia - thorough destruction of the human spirit since 1917. Low hope and integrity was enforced through the state since 1917.