Psychology of Non-Collaboration

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These may be traps that people fall into - Logical Fallacies - so they are worth noticing


  1. "Nobody in my area is using Linux, therefore it must not work."
  2. Use of exclusive tools - "I want to use expensive AutoCAD, because it gives me exclusiveness. Few people can afford it, thus it's a marketable skill (by exclusion)"
  3. Or: "If everybody has it, I'm not special" - regarding FreeCAD.


  • Complicated design - companies will intentionally or unintentionally design things that are not easy to build - so that it is difficult for others to copy. If non-intentional, that is design ignorance - as simplicity (of build and use) is the genius of design. If it is intentional, that is evil. Recognizing this dynamic is an opportunity from the OSE perspective: by simplifying a design, we can build something more robust and valuable, thus gaining an advantage that facilitates widespread replication. Complicated design is not elegant, and is ultimately not efficient and effective in the long run. We envision a world of elegant design, not complicated design.
  • Design for obsolescence - this is clear waste that diverts energy from human evolution by preoccupying producers and users with running on the treadmill