Public Enterprise

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  • Implementation of distributive enterprise at scale
  • Replicable, scalable
  • Methodology involves wide participation, with product outcomes that create jobs - mass creation of right livelihood
  • It's a collaborative product dev platform


  • Solves for getting people to show up - sufficient numbers, minimum 2000, need to collaborate. Some have to have extreme skill. Everyone must benefit
  • Most people pay. Some are paid.
  • Solves for role architecture: tight definition of roles required for productization
  • Solves for complexity management. Keys are modularity (100x participation), design guides (100x), collaborative literacy (100x), supported by collaboration protocols.
  • Solves for distribution - by providing productization infrastructure: marketing materials, marketing strategy, distribution channels. Focus on distribution channels to get sales to happen. Must be about using local resources and keeping wealth in communities, and using low cost feedstocks.