Public Production Literacy

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OSE believes that closed loop material cycles cannot occur without local production. Otherwise, it is inefficient to recycle on a global scale due to logistics involved. As such, if every city had recycling infrastructure for industrial products - closed loop material cycles could become a reality. It follows, thus, that it would be useful for every city to have an open source microfactory that could leverage local recycling infrastructure for industrial products.

This cannot happen without a much wider productive literacy. This calls for less administration, and more fabrication.

DIY is important here in that DIY culture promotes productive literacy and thus wise use of resources. OSE promotes DIY culture as a means to technical literacy, which in turn leads to productive literacy: a producer culture as the future evolution of consumer culture to a more benign way to meet needs.

Summary: when people use local and recycled natural resources to produce their economy, they do not soil their environment because the environment provides those natural resources. This replaces the threat of global suicide with local stewardship, thus creating incentives for accountability to regenerative resource management.