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There are many communities surrounding OSE which may be good recruiting and collaboration areas.. I thought I would bring up two apart from the obvious environmental / ag sectors.

There are certain individuals in these communities that are connectors.. (Todd Huffman is the example I could think of that most intersects with us)

An example of what I mean more generally is Douglas Campbell at - puts on an event in LA called Mindshare, which makes him a little bit like the Chris Anderson of LA science. Another friend at Synn Eric Gradman is widely known for his comic antics and ingenuity ... , They work on projects with celebrities, and know how to produce art and spectacle in the open hardware and science arena. I mention it because its non-obvious, but reaching one degree outside your normal reach is where you get new action.

I also recommend people like .... as someone to be on your radar... because the older wealthy crowd of silicon valley geeks look to people like her, because she is a hilarious and beautiful woman working on hacking projects with systems they used as a kid. People like this at the right place in a social graph can open surprising doors, and are generally important to recruiting. I do not know Jeri well, but was just trying to make an example.

These people can bring you into LA and SF hardware and hacking scenes potentially, of course Todd Huffman could make related suggestions MUCH better than I could. He knows these areas far better than I do.