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OSE Rapid Learning

OSE pursues rapid learning by providing an immersion learning environment. For Python, the infrasctructure to be created involves:

  • Addition of a python editor (Integrated Development Environment) and any necessary utilities to OSE Linux
  • Instructionals for programming using the selected Python editor
  • Blackboard video covering the necessary concepts
  • Software architecture considerations for using Python and interacting with python
  • Hackable code snippets that are testable in an editor.


  • Select the best python IDE / editor that meets OSE Specifications
  • Add the editor to OSE Linux
  • Provide instructionals based on the selected IDE
  • Include important libraries in the OSE Linux distribution


A basic competency list for using Python to solve problems might involve
  1. Variables, Types, Operators, and Objects
  2. Functions; First-Class Objects and Basic Structured Programming
  3. Modules and Importing; Reusing Code, Finding and Installing Packages
  4. Flow Control Structures and Object-Oriented Programming
  5. Debugging
  6. List Comprehensions, and an Introduction to Generators and Functional Programming

OSE Case

Lex says:

I very highly recommend PyCharm. The community edition is Open Source.​

We are pretty lucky that JetBrains open sourced this stuff, PyCharm is the most advanced Python editor out there. This is like if SolidWorks was open sourced.