Quality Control Checklist

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This is a general quality control checklist for heavy machinery.


  1. Were some parts of the tractor too big or too small?
  2. What design changes and additions should be made for the next iteration of a build?
  3. Did the machine have the expected power or performance?


  1. Did all the parts fit together as expected? If not, please explain.
  2. Were sharp edges and exposed rough torching areas ground down with a grinder?
  3. Do all pins have a head on one side and a cotter pin on the other?

Welding and Torching

  1. Were there any welds that failed inspection?


  1. Did any hydraulic fittings or hoses leak? How was this corrected?
  2. Was
  3. Were the correct fittings used? Which fittings should be replaced?
  4. Were there any fittings that did not work and had to be modified?
  5. Were there any cylinder tabs that had to be modified because