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Updated work at Distributed Quality Control

  1. Marcin writes a script introducing sprint, and passing it off to Gary. Process involves ongoing responses on quality improvements.
  2. Marcin gives an introduction where he has pre-created bullet points; for each bullet point, he provides a list of links he will be referencing to me and I will either post them to chat or screenshare with the hangout. This also keeps the intro short and on-track.
  3. Gary or Marcin should cover the review process/where to upload reviews, etc. This should also have an outline so we ensure all points are conveyed and we don't miss anything.NOTE: I will record the session up to this point, then we can post it to the wiki and reference people to it when they come in late...have them watch it, then we will assign them a task. Have a spaceholder with specific link to the Quality Control Page for that module.
  4. Establish priorities; since we don't know who or when we will have people on the hangout, it is best to establish our priorities. I would organize it like this:

a) Designs that need to be finished/re-engineered. With this, we should have all the prior art and feedback/reviews written so we can point them to one area and they can "go." b) Quality reviews. I would prioritize these by importance/criticality or first designs to be produced next week. I would also make notes if some of these need to have a special skill or skill level to review. Once again, all data should be in one place so we can point and click. Hopefully, we have requirements and dependencies written somewhere for the reviewer's reference. Without that information, it will be difficult for a reviewer to actually perform a review....in which case, Marcin or Gary will be talking through these aspects for each module.

Also, I would set something up so that if we have people in the queue waiting for a module, perhaps Gary can skype with them separately while Marcin is talking. Last, I think we should set parameters for this session where we will ONLY be talking 6 in 60 products--we've had a few people on in the past who are working on other products for us, which is fine if we have the time, but probably not best for this scenario.

Just my to cents!