Quarterly Progress Review

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The quarterly progress review is an assessment of performance and progress that occurs at every 3 month period for EIRs and other long term projects. The process consists of assessing and documenting the level of completion, blocks, and areas of improvement that could occur.


  1. Level of Completion. Please go through the EIR Agreement [1] and assess the level of completion of the milestones of the three months of interest, and quantify the level of completion of tasks.
  2. Blocks. Please discuss the major blocks that were encountered, and propose how they could be addressed.
  3. Improvement. In what ways can the experience and progress be improved or accelerated? Please discuss both specific cases and infrastructure issues.


If milestones were met, then the main point of discussion should be strategy on accomplishing further milestones. If milestones were not met, then a reset button should be pressed, where a new schedule is established.

Organizational Learning

For the future of OSE, this assessment should be documented for learning purposes.